Why Teach at Great Oaks Legacy?

Teacher Training and Development

Great Oaks Legacy schools have a robust support structure in place for teachers. Each school has a School Director, Directors of Curriculum and Instruction, Deans, and is supported by the Chief Academic Officer. We provide consistent opportunities for coaching and development through weekly observation and feedback sessions as well as regular professional development.

Support from our Tutor Corps

Great Oaks Legacy has a unique model where students receives small group or individualized tutorial sessions built into their regular class schedule. Our middle and high schools have a cohort of recent college graduates serving under the AmeriCorps program who lead these sessions. Tutors not only serve as mentors and build on students’ academic success they also help students to hold themselves accountable and set personalized goals to ensure they are striving to reach their full potential.

Strong Relationships with Students & Families

Engaging with parents and families of students is simply the way of life at Great Oaks Legacy. Schools host a variety of activities throughout the year to build community and tutors and teachers call parents regularly to update them on their child’s progress not just to report on behavior issues. We take pride in building relationships with parents so together we can all better support students.

One of the strongest points of the school is the great level of participation of parents and families. It’s really hard to get parents to come to schools in general, but not at Great Oaks Legacy. Administrators make a huge effort to build that community and I personally encourage parents to come into my classroom to see what we are doing.
— Edward Gibbs
Strong relationships are super important. Making sure students get to college is our job as teachers along with the students’ parents. We work together as a family to make that happen.
— Christopher Velasquez

Approach with Students

At Great Oaks Legacy we use a warm-strict approach with students. Students are held to high academic and behavioral expectations and together school staff help students to meet and exceed the bar that is set for them. We use benchmarking and data driven instruction to track student progress and adjust instruction accordingly.

I think we deliver a very strong and healthy curriculum in math. We set the bar high and we set it high on purpose. I passionately believe in what I’m doing and the students know that I’m strict because I care.

Edward Gibbs

An Environment of Team Work

At Great Oaks Legacy teachers, tutors, and administrators work together to meet the needs of all students. This collaborative approach facilitates the sharing of best practices, allows teachers to better understand students and builds a strong school community.

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