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Great Oaks Legacy Teachers on NBC Nightly News

On Saturday, February 17th, NBC Nightly News aired a segment on the impact that Teachers Village is having on Newark’s educators. As you may know, Teachers Village is home to our Downtown Middle School (DMS) campus, several teachers and staff members, and all of our Tutor Corps members serving through AmeriCorps. Teachers Village is helping to ensure that Newark students have access to high-quality school options and that all the city’s great teachers have an affordable community in which to live and work.

NBC chose to highlight two full time educators from our DMS campus who live in Teachers Village: Christopher Velasquez, 6th grade Math Teacher and Cory Cuffee, Assistant Dean of Students

Mr. Velasquez and Mr. Cuffee are strong examples of the 300+ committed educators at GOLCS who go above and beyond every day in the name of serving our students and our community.

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