Anti Bullying Information

Anti-Bullying Coordinator
Jared Taillefer, Network Office, [email protected], 973.565.9170

School Safety Team
Jared Taillefer, Lisa Powell, Hebe Schafer, Roni Kassel, Maurice Ingram

Anti-Bullying Specialists

Legacy Elementary School CampusLaQuan Guilford[email protected]973.374.7000
Downtown Elementary School CampusBrianna Mayers[email protected]862.256.0900
Legacy Middle School CampusCrystal Johnson[email protected]973.374.7000
Downtown Middle School CampusTanya Israel-Sainthilaire[email protected]973.565.9170
High School CampusYvonne Anderson[email protected]862.256.0114
Fairmount Heights Middle School CampusVictoria Guest[email protected]862.800.7991
Fairmount Heights Elementary School CampusLakeeda Sessoms[email protected]973.221.3400

Board Meetings

For the 2021-2022 school year, the Board of Trustees of Great Oaks Legacy Charter School will hold public meetings, where action will be taken, according to the schedule provided on our Board of Trustees webpage. Unless otherwise indicated, all meetings will be held either virtually or at 6:00 pm at 909 Broad St, Newark NJ, 07102. Any modifications to dates, times, or locations will be publicized.

For Great Oaks Legacy Charter School Board meeting dates and minutes, please visit the Board of Trustee page.

Compliance Documents

HIB Grade Report 2020-2021 PDF
Parent Notification of Planned Assessments for 2018-19 PDF
Local Wellness/ Nutrition GOLCS PDF