Key ingredients for college success

Great Oaks Legacy Charter School ensures mastery of all Common Core State Standards through a rigorous curriculum development process, high-quality instruction, and frequent assessment of student learning and instructional decisions that respond to data about student progress. We focus on literacy and critical thinking skills throughout all of the standards, ensuring that students are able to read, to learn, and to solve problems across disciplines – key ingredients for college success. Students earn their grades by the level of effort they make to meet the Great Oaks Legacy standard.  A “D” is not passing and there is no social promotion.

The Great Oaks Legacy core curriculum includes courses in Humanities (English and Social Studies), Math, Science and the Arts.

High Quality Instruction and Consistent Academic Support

We hire teachers who share a firm belief that all students can and will learn, and that parents and teachers should be partners. Our teachers partner with families to optimize learning both inside and outside the classroom. Beginning in Grade 5, consistent academic support is provided by the Great Oaks Legacy Tutor Corps, a group of recent graduates from top colleges across the country. They provide two hours of personalized tutoring every day. This academic support is in addition to core classes taught by highly qualified teachers.

Great Oaks Legacy Charter School will maintain a focus on developing in scholars the competencies necessary to meet the demands of college preparatory study. Our program focuses on serious academic scholarship combined with mastery of personal discipline and development of good character. The rigor of our academic program equips scholars with the tools they need to excel.

Five Instructional Imperatives drive the school:

  1. Placing a premium on literacy instruction at the elementary level;
  2. Hiring and retaining a cadre of high quality, mission-aligned teachers;
  3. Providing substantially more time for scholars to learn;
  4. Using a data-driven approach to plan and implement lessons; and
  5. Employing a variety of customized daily scholar supports.

Legacy Middle School Schedule

Time Period Class
Above is a Monday – Thursday (7:55a – 3:50p) sample schedule.
7:45 – 8:12 B Breakfast/Morning Meeting
8:15 – 9:12 1 Math Tutorial
9:15 – 10:12 2 Math
10:15 – 11:12 3 Social Studies/Online Instruction
11:15 -11:47 4 Lunch
11:50 – 12:47 5 Reading
12:50 – 1:47 6 Writing
1:50 – 2:47 7 English Language Arts Tutorial
2:50 – 3:47 8 Phys. Ed/Theater
3:50 – 4:00 D Dismissal