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Mission, Vision, & Core Values

The mission of Great Oaks Legacy Charter School is to prepare students for success in college.

We fulfill this mission by focusing on three guiding principles. We believe that to fulfill our mission, we must:

  1. Create a community that is built upon genuine and meaningful relationships;
  2. Be surgical in our approach to differentiation of instruction and support of ALL students and team members; and
  3. Consistently set and exceed high expectations for academic growth and character development of all students, in preparation for success in college and beyond.

The vision of Great Oaks Legacy Charter School is for its graduates to lead Newark to become a transcendent city in our nation and world—a model city where all children have access to the highest quality education and constant interaction with exemplar adults, which, in turn, prepares each and every child to fulfill his or her greatest dreams—dreams that further strengthen the moral, cultural, and intellectual fabric of Newark.

A Culture of Discipline and Learning

A set of non-negotiable rules creates a consistent culture with a focus on academics. Great Oaks Legacy is a place where students are nice to each other — no bullying, no fighting; nothing unsafe is tolerated. Great Oaks Legacy is safe and structured.

Knowing Each Student Well as an Individual; and Significant Parent Communication

Faculty and staff know every student, not just by name, but who the student is as an individual. Parents are an integral part of the school’s work. Parents of middle and high school students receive weekly check-in phone calls from tutors, and all students receive check-in calls from teachers or the School Leadership Team from time to time. The school door is ALWAYS open for parents.

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