Positive Connections

Families are an integral part of our students’ lives and serve as a key leverage point in their support system. Our work is challenging and our mission is ambitious, thus, we must invest in the personal connections of those with whom we work. In addition, we must build trust and maintain positive connections with all stakeholders in our students’ success.

Great Oaks Legacy Charter High School has systems in place to maintain communication with our students’ families.

Communication With Teachers And Tutors

Great Oaks Legacy is committed to providing parents with more phone communication than any other public school in New Jersey. Families are encouraged to reach out via phone or e-mail and students are encouraged to contacted tutors and teachers with requests for support or clarification.

Weekly Parent Packets & Progress Reports

Each week, students receive parent packets that contain important announcements, upcoming events, and a “weekly check”. Weekly checks are progress reports including important homework and grade tracking, point and demerit, and attendance information.

Report Cards And Conferences

At the end of each quarter, we host Family Conference Events at Great Oaks Legacy Charter High School to discuss current achievement and progress as well as to develop action steps moving forward. It is essential that families attend conferences in order to ensure direct communication and transparency regarding their student’s grades.

Online Access To Grades

GOLCS provides parents/guardians with the opportunity to access student information via PowerSchool, a website that tracks students’ academic and behavioral status. GOLCS provides parents with login information and encourages parents to access the site regularly.

Parent Potluck Dinners

GOLCS hosts and encourage parents to attend bi-monthly community potlucks, with the purpose of providing an opportunity for parents to gather and discuss school-wide business in a casual manner over a potluck-style meal.

Parent Advisory Council

GOLCS hosts and encourages the development of a Parent Advisory Council, composed of parents/ guardians interested in providing feedback to school staff on opportunities to improve the quality of the education of the students of Great Oaks Legacy.

Open Door Policy

The school will welcome parents/guardians into the school at any time during the regular school day to observe classes or meet with staff members to discuss student needs.

HIB Information

High School Anti-Bullying Specialist
Amanda Belden, [email protected], 862.256.0114

Please find Great Oak Legacy’s Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB) score and additional information on our compliance page. Our Anti-Bullying Coordinator is Jared Taillefer located at our Network Office and can be contacted via email at [email protected] or phone at 973.565.9170.