Preparing our Scholars

5th Grade Academy (5GA) is a program designed to prepare our incoming 5th grade scholars for the rigors of the Great Oaks Legacy Charter School – Downtown Middle School. 5GA is temporarily co-located with our Downtown Elementary School at 909 Broad St in Newark.

Programmatically, 5th Grade Academy is part of our Downtown Middle School (DMS) campus and will physically relocate to DMS in Fall of 2019.

Program Mission

The mission of the 5th Grade Academy is to build a strong foundation for our incoming scholars in order to ensure success in their journey while at Great Oaks Legacy Charter School. The lessons taught by our highly motivated educators will be the building blocks that will lead our students to admittance and achievement in college.

All Great Oaks Legacy community members live by a code, which is captured in our core values of Respect, Integrity, Self-Discipline, and Excellence (RISE). RISE is our way of life at Great Oaks Legacy. It is how we are able to ensure a happy, healthy, and successful environment for ourselves as well as for our family, friends, and community.

To achieve our mission, scholars and staff members must: show respect for themselves and to all in the community at all times (Respect); do the right thing even when no one is looking (Integrity); outwork students and staff members across the country, studying that extra hour for a test even when their friends are on their phones in a group chat or being very detailed in the planning of lessons and units (Self-discipline); and dare to be excellent by only giving their best effort and submitting only their best work (Excellence).