Our Mission

The mission of Great Oaks Legacy Charter School
is to prepare its students for success in college.

Great Oaks Legacy maintains a focus on developing in scholars the competencies necessary to meet the demands of college preparatory study. Our program focuses on serious academic scholarship combined with the mastery of personal discipline and development of good character.

These three principles guide our work, every day, in support of our students and mission:

  1. Creating a community that is built upon genuine and meaningful relationships
  2. Being surgical in our approach to differentiation of instruction and support of all students and team members
  3. Setting and exceed high expectations for academic growth and character development for all students, in preparation for success in college and beyond

Great Oaks Legacy Overview

The Great Oaks Legacy Charter School is a high-performing, innovative charter public school in Newark NJ, serving students from Pre-K to 12th grade on multiple campuses across the city. Our mission is to prepare public school students for success in college. Great Oaks Legacy students aspire to be some of the highest performing students in the country.

We have high academic and behavioral expectations for our students. Our students, for example, are encouraged to take multiple AP classes before they graduate. We pair rigorous curriculum and teaching with intense personal support from teachers, fellows, and staff. The school’s mission is to prepare our students for college success through several key elements:

Small School

Grade-level cohorts of less 100 students allow each student to feel known and cared for. Our focus is on a sense of community and relationship building with families and students.

High expectations

Rigorous, differentiated, college-preparatory coursework from K-12. Advanced Placement and real college courses for all juniors and seniors.

More time on task

Longer school days than traditional schools. Weekend sessions and summer school for students who are struggling.

Effective Instruction

World-class teachers with clear expectations and the support they need to continuously improve.

The Great Oaks Legacy Model

student-teacher ratio

At Great Oaks Legacy, we believe in targeted instruction and differentiation for all students. Students in grades Pre-K through 2nd grade benefit from a co-teacher model – two teachers support classroom instruction all day long, allowing us to provide a 14:1 student-teacher ratio. From 3rd grade through high school, students receive tutoring daily in Math and English Language Arts as part of their regular school day.